Take the first 10 minutes of your morning and write a thank you note to someone.


Someone you’ve been meaning to thank. That person who’s been on your mind that you can’t find the time to reach out to.

Maybe it’s a person in your office who helped you out of a jam.

Maybe it’s your spouse. It’s been months since you’ve done something spontaneous and nice for her.

Maybe it’s your child’s teacher. You’re seeing your kid advancing in reading or math and you want to let the teacher know you see improvement.

Maybe it’s the person working the front desk. Every morning she welcomes you with a smile.

A friend.

Your pastor.

Your mother.

A waiter.

The bus driver.

If you don’t have a stamp, hand deliver it. The person you’re writing to needs to see that someone notices. Your kindness will be an answer to prayer or a welcome surprise. Either way, it’s a smile in the making.

So, who are you writing to today?

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