Are you building a church?

Or are you building THE Church?

Sometimes, there’s a difference.

I ran across a website for a business that offered church marketing services. The company offered churches a way to “build your brand” through social media, digital press releases, print canvassing, TV, and billboard campaigns.

I get it. I work in marketing for a living. I understand the need for creating an identity. I understand the need for branding.

But I believe churches are different.

Church leaders should always remember that our brand is Jesus Christ.

Any pithy tag line pales in comparison to God’s commands to love Him and love one another.

Any press release pales in comparison to those commands being lived out daily. Twitter and Facebook and Instagram can’t compare to a face-to-face conversation.

Any logo or digital signage along the busy byway pales in comparison to the love-filled simplicity of the cross.

We need to remember Whose brand we represent.