I’m not thinking big enough for God.

Yes, God is the God of all things big and small. And we’re content with asking Him for small things.

But what’s wrong with asking God for HUGE things? The seemingly insurmountable things?

Maybe it’s a healing, a job, a home, financial security, a church revival, a safe community, salvation for a lost family member, or the blessing of a small business to take off.

I believe one major thing that gets in the way is simply our reluctance and/or refusal to ask.

So why don’t we ask? 

Here are five reasons.

1. We feel unworthy of such a blessing.

We say to ourselves, “Who am I that God would answer that prayer? I’m not good enough.” The Bible is crystal clear that all of us fall short, but through faith in Jesus, we are forgiven, saved, and redeemed. As those saved by the blood of Christ, we need to know that we have direct and unfettered access to God and He wants us to call on Him.

2. We want to believe God can do it, but we really can’t grasp that it’s doable for Him.

 I’ll remind you that this is God. He does things like part the Red Sea and raise people from the dead.

3. We’ve asked for huge things before, and He didn’t provide.

There are smarter people than me who have better answers to this, but here’s what I believe: God has never broken a promise, and He’s promised to take care of us. He is going to do what He needs to do to get you where He needs you to be to do the things He’s designed you to do.

4. We feel selfish for asking.

Yes, there are people in this world who are suffering more than you and me. But that doesn’t make our prayers less important. God is the God of all things.

5. We think it’s too expensive.

We feel guilty to ask for expensive things — something like a multi-million dollar church building, or a full-ride academic scholarship, or even the money for a medical procedure. We think such things are too expensive, something way beyond God’s ability to produce. Again, this is God. He can do as much with the obedient woman’s contribution of her last two coins (all she had) as He can do with the entire bank account of the wealthiest of men.

I’ll be honest. I’ve fallen for all of these excuses — especially the first one and the last two. The stumbling block is always me.

So, I’ll be making a concerted effort to thank God for everything I have — big and small — and for the wonderful promises of things to come. And I’ll do my best to get out of the way when I ask Him for those HUGE things.

What keeps you from praying and asking God for the big things?

*This post is an edited version of a post that I wrote on Dec. 6, 2013.