Credit: Robert Rogers of Baylor Marketing & Communications

I began working in the field of Public Relations and Media Relations (specifically in higher education) in 2004, following five years as a journalist.

The jump to higher education Public Relations and Media Relations revealed a new world to me. Yes, I was able to bring my journalism and storytelling abilities to the table, but I’ve also had the opportunity over these past many years to expand my skill set to include:

  • Content Strategy
  • Social Media
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Teaching
  • Recruitment Strategies
  • Project Management
  • Radio and Audio Production
  • Advertising
  • Public Speaking and Presentations
  • Fundraising Campaigns
  • Donor Relations
  • Crisis Management
  • Script Writing
  • Magazine Writing

Media Relations

I work daily with reporters and media outlets, trying to pair them with our media-trained Baylor University faculty experts. I pitch stories and experts as well as respond to media inquiries.

The goal is to provide media with reliable “go-to” experts to weigh in on a variety of local, national and international subjects.