If you woke up tomorrow and there was no electricity — no iPhones, no Internet, no Facebook, no television, etc. — could you still obey God’s commandments to be his witness, spread the Gospel, and build the Church?

Hands and Feet Marketing exists to help church leaders and congregations rethink and refresh their approach to marketing and focus on “being the church” by exhibiting the love of Christ through service and outreach.

My name is Eric Eckert. My wife, Corinn, and I developed Hands and Feet Marketing as a response to God’s call for us to share our professional experience with churches. I have worked outside the church as a communications/marketing/PR/media professional for 15 years. I’ve seen what works in business and how that translates to the local church. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. Feel free to view my LinkedIn profile to see my resume.

Corinn, who has a degree in missions, worked many years in customer service. We have both served the local church in numerous capacities over the years.

We want to help you build God’s Kingdom and share the Gospel.



Eric Eckert works full time as a marketing professional for a university. Please understand that he can only be hired in a freelance capacity, which means he will be available to work for you after regular working hours and on the weekends.

Also, due to the university’s conflict of interest policy, Eric cannot and will not work to market or promote other universities or seminaries.