Ministries should be developed to meet the needs of the congregation and the community you serve.

Some ministries are obvious. Someone is hungry? Serve a meal. Someone needs shelter? Provide shelter. A gentleman needs a ride to the doctor. Provide the ride.

But sometimes the needs aren’t as obvious. Sometimes you have to take a serious look at your congregation or your community to see the trends. Maybe children in the area need tutors. Maybe there’s a high rate of homelessness. Maybe the community is aging and there are problems surfacing there. Maybe there’s one family who lost their home to a fire and they need absolutely everything to start over. How can your church help?

Once those needs and trends are identified, then you need to look at what God has provided you — manpower, equipment, organization, money. Do you have the resources to help, and do it correctly?

Once you’ve identified the need, and once you’ve identified your team and assessed the members’s strengths and gifts, you’re ready to build the ministry.

Your church ministries — and their effectiveness — will affect your church marketing and your perception in the community.

Hands and Feet Marketing stands ready to help you identify needs, team assessment, brainstorming and church ministry development.

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