So you’re thinking about buying that newspaper ad in the Sunday morning Faith section.

The salesman is offering quite a deal — only $400 — half off the regular price. You need artwork by tomorrow. They’ll even design it for you.

Is this a good deal? You need to make a decision.

It’s $400. For some churches, this fits neatly into their marketing strategy.

For others you have to consider this: If you didn’t buy that ad, what else could you do with $400?

That could be a few weeks of groceries for a family.

A utility payment for the lady who just lost her job.

You could scholarship two kids for church camp.

Hands and Feet Marketing can help you make these important stewardship decisions by sitting down with you, taking an objective look at the budget, assessing your initiatives, and asking the tough questions.

Once we’re finished, we might just find enough money available to build that ministry that you’ve been wanting to fund for quite some time.

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