“The storyteller takes what he tells from experience – his own or that reported by others. And he in turn makes it the experience of those who are listening to his tale.”
~Walter Benjamin

I’m a storyteller.

In the past two decades, my job titles have changed. I’ve been called police reporter, public relations guy, media communications professional, marketing consultant, graduate school recruiter, executive director and college professor.

The titles might alter from time to time, but my professional role is always storyteller.

I tell stories that inform, educate and entertain. I tell stories that prompt people to act — to read more, to click through, to call for an interview, and sometimes to spend their money. It’s fun. It’s challenging. It’s ever-changing.

I work full time at Temple College, a community college in Temple, Texas, as Executive Director of Strategic Communications and Outreach. I guide all College-level communications strategies and oversee the recruitment efforts for the school. 

Prior to my time at Temple College, I served at Baylor University from 2011 to 2022. As a team member in Baylor University’s Office of Media and Public Relations, my mission was to recruit and train our faculty experts and researchers to work with the media and share their stories.

I have always loved working with faculty and subject matter experts, and I see great opportunities for this area. I continue to consult in the expert space. 

In addition to my strategic and media communications work, I’ve found passion in the college classroom. I’ve taught college courses in journalism law and ethics, media writing, technical writing, and journalism. 

I am married to Corinn, and we have three sons. We live in Temple, Texas.

This site exists as a depository for my stories and my thoughts (if you care to know them). It’s also a place for you to contact me if I can help you in some way tell your stories.

My thoughts and opinions are my own.