What Others Say About Eric

Eric is a top-notch resource for our faculty! He has worked one-on-one with me for several years to create a customized media approach for each of my research articles. I love Eric’s  creativity, media expertise and passion!

Dr. Emily Hunter

Management Professor

Eric is not only outstanding at what he does, but is a great colleague to work with. I worked with Eric on numerous video collaborations and he treated the subjects as well as everyone behind the scenes with utmost respect. He has a solid background and continues to grow in storytelling and has produced some of my favorite stories from the Baylor Marketing and Communications team.

Matthew Hodgkins

Video Editor

Eric is the type of professor that makes you excited to attend a 5 p.m. class – something I hadn’t experienced before and wouldn’t experience again in my time at Baylor! To me, Eric’s Law and Ethics of Journalism class was a “life” class, one of my very favorites as I reflect on my college career. He created a space to be open, honest, and vulnerable, as my classmates and I shared thoughts on tricky topics and ethical scenarios. His class made me nervous and uncomfortable at times, but in the best way, because I knew I was growing as a person and a professional.

Andrea Gaul

Communications Manager