Advertising Campaign

Several years ago, I was teamed with Baylor graphic designer Clayton Thompson to develop a campaign for Baylor’s George W. Truett Seminary. Clayton and I did our research with Truett administration, learned what they were looking to accomplish (awareness of the seminary and a new campus in Austin) and we set to work building the campaign.

The result was “Living the Great Commission,” a versatile ad campaign that allowed for print ads and radio spots. We showcased what made Truett unique — it’s hands-on, feet-on-the-ground, scholarly approach to Christian ministry. Our ads discussed “Our Graduates” — a nod to alumni doing amazing work — “Our Classroom” — an opportunity to showcase areas of the world and the communities where Truett students were at work — and “Our Textbook” — the Holy Bible.

“Living the Great Commission” was broad enough and versatile enough to allow for a side campaign to build awareness of a new satellite campus in Austin. We ran a series of print and radio ads in the Austin market.

Alumni & Fundraising Campaign

Development/Fundraising Campaign