Media Relations

Pairing reporters with media-trained experts

I work daily with reporters and media outlets, trying to pair them with our media-trained Baylor University faculty experts. I pitch stories and experts as well as respond to media inquiries.

The goal is to provide media with responsive, reliable “go-to” experts to weigh in on a variety of local, national and international subjects.

Public Relations

Loyalty to my organization and the public

As a public relations professional, it’s my job to vigorously represent my organization while, at the same time, advocate for the many audiences we serve. 

I began working in the field of Public Relations and Media Relations (specifically in higher education) in 2004, following five years as a journalist.

The jump to higher education Public Relations and Media Relations revealed a new world to me. Yes, I was able to bring my journalism and storytelling abilities to the table, but I’ve also had the opportunity over these past many years to expand my skill set to include:

Content Strategy

Social Media

Web Design

Graphic Design

Teaching and Training

Recruitment Strategies

Project Management

Radio and Audio Production


Public Speaking and Presentations

Fundraising Campaigns

Donor Relations

Crisis Management

Script Writing

Magazine Writing